Seeking an abortion?

The following are confidential, non-judgmental, and fact-based resources and supports that can help you access an abortion in Canada.
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Abortion information and referral hotlines

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights’ Access Line 

Call: 1-888-642-2725  

Text: 1-613-800-6757  


Abortion funds


Action Canada’s Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund 

Call: 1-888-642-2725  

Text: 1-613-800-6757  


NAF Canada’s Dr. Morgentaler Patient Assistance Fund  

Call: 1-800-772-9100


Planned Parenthood Toronto 

(Supports people living in Toronto aged 13-29) 

Call: 416-961-0113 


Abortion doulas

British Columbia  

Full Spectrum Doulas Vancouver

Ontario - Ottawa 

Aunties on the Road (for people who self-identify as Indigenous)

Ontario - Toronto & Hamilton 

Birth Mark

Northwest Territories

Northern Birthwork Collective

Pregnancy options / Post-abortion counselling

Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights  

Call: 1-888-642-2725  

Text: 1-613-800-6757  


All-Options Talk Line 

Call: 1-888-493-0092

Faith Aloud Clergy Counseling Line 

Call 1-888-717-5010

Compassionate clergy and religious counsellors of diverse faith backgrounds who offer pro-choice support

SHORE Centre  

Request appointment through website or by calling 519-743-9360

Planned Parenthood Ottawa 

Call: 613-226-3234 ext: 101

Northern Birthwork Collective

Call: 867-686-1442 

Exhale Pro-Voice

Text: 617-749-2948

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